We offer several calendars that are available at different times of the year, so read below to see which option is right for you:  

ANNUAL CALENDAR: Great for moms who want to be organized. Our Annual Calendar users are self-described planners who want to move through the year and stay on top of commitments, vacations and schedules. They want to take the long view of the year. Many of them have used the Summer Break, Back to School, and/or Holiday calendar and are now ready to adopt this way of calendaring all year. Others are finding this calendar for the first time and realizing this is the tool they've been looking for to have a high level view of their family life. Covers January to December. 

SUMMER BREAK CALENDAR: Our most popular place to start! This calendar is for moms who are committed to packing in the most fun & adventure into summer. It's also for those who are overwhelmed at the thought of endless summer days, and are trying to figure out how all the camps, trips, and outings are going to work together. It's perfect for someone who needs structure & a visual to balance out the free-wheeling nature of summer, and for the mom who wants to collaborate with the family on activities. It's ideal for those who want to try this way of calendaring (dipping a toe in!) without committing to the whole year. It also makes a great teacher gift! Covers Memorial Day to Labor Day.

BACK TO SCHOOL CALENDAR: This is for the mom who is ready to shift back into the rhythm of routine & structure, who needs to keep up with kids and extra-curricular activities, project schedules, and getting back to real life after a relaxed summer. It's also a great first time calendar to help you get organized during one of the busiest times of year. You can pair it with the Holiday calendar to flow seamlessly through the end of the year. Covers July to October.

HOLIDAY CALENDAR: This is for those who feel stressed during the end of the year and could use some seasonal support to harness the holidays. This calendar can take you from hectic, over-committed, overwhelming holidays to a peaceful holiday season. It will help you utilize proactive planning and say no to over-scheduling so that you can enjoy holiday magic with your family without losing your sanity. Covers October to December.