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Summer & Fall Bundle

The Essential Calendar

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Summer & Fall Bundle
Summer & Fall Bundle
18" x 24" Calendar
Summer & Fall Bundle
Filling out the Essential Calendar
Filling out the Essential Calendar
The Essential Calendar Accessories

It's never too late to start getting organized, and our 2023 Summer & Fall Bundle will help you do just that.  Featuring easy-to-read bold type on 18"x 24" sheets, this innovative and beautiful calendar allows you to get organized three months at a time.

The spacious squares are perfect for families and professionals.  Our customers love seeing each season at-a-glance because it keeps them organized, connected and aware of their priorities.   

The 2023 Annual Essential Calendar runs from June 25, 2023 - Jan 6, 2024 and includes three 14-week pages: Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

SUMMER runs from June 25 - Sept 30, 2023

FALL runs from Oct 1, 2022 - Jan 6, 2024    

Want to receive a new calendar automatically each quarter? Join our Quarterly Calendar Club! 

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LIGHTWEIGHT PAPER: Our original paper. It's lightweight and easy to hang anywhere with any of our hanging options.

CARD STOCK: Sturdier than our original paper. Needs a heavy duty hanging option (we recommend the grommets and hooks or oversized brass push pins). Or if you prefer to use the teak magnetic frame, simply hang 1-2 sheets at a time.


Pair the calendar with a variety of display & organization options to get the most out of your planning sessions. If you're new to the calendar, try one of our starter bundles! 



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