3 Astonishingly Easy Happiness Hacks to Use During the Holidays

Say No Early and Often. You know the moment I'm talking about avoiding.  It's when you lose it and start yelling at your husband and kids after you've been up all night decorating cupcakes for the class party, trying to get your Christmas cards ordered, hiding away last minute Amazon deliveries, getting Shelby to her party and Grace to her concert while managing the repairman who came to fix your fridge. It's no good to wait to say no until after you're already overwhelmed.  The trick is to get yourself some rest BEFORE you're overwhelmed.  Say no before it gets to that point because you know you always feel bad after you have a meltdown 3 days before Christmas.  Rest = Happiness.

Look at your Child's Eyes.  Hold her gaze for like 3 seconds. Soak it up. Let that be enough. This is it. This is parenting.  Whatever it it looks like in this moment (and believe me, I know parenting has ALL kinds of moments), this is Christmas 2021.  So instead of thinking of how this year compares to last year or worrying about how many Christmases you have left with this child at home, take a deep breath, look in your child's eyes and soak it in.  This is it.  Right now.  Be here.  Presence = Happiness

Stay Hydrated.  I know.  Seems simple right?  But I sell calendars.  I know how much you cram on that thing.  I know you're running around with an extra long to-do list this month.  A dehydrated mama is a short-tempered mama.  Fill up that water bottle everyday and carry it with you.  Hydration = Happiness.

That's it.  Seems simple right?  Here's to sticking with these three simple things to keep you happy through the next 6 weeks.  You've got this mama. 

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