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I use the calendar on my phone.  Isn’t this redundant?

If you’re like us, you don’t always communicate what’s on your phone calendar to the other people in your house. When you have The Essential Calendar on display in your house each family member can transfer individual activities onto the family calendar so you can communicate around schedule conflicts before they become frantic emergencies. 

Here's what our customer Brittany has to say about it: "I love being able to see more than one month in a glance. It is also very helpful for others in my house because not everything is written and hidden away on my planner. Every one can see it and know what is going on! Love this calendar."

Where do you put it?

Try placing it in a  highly visible place where all family members can see it and easily update it. Check out our Instagram feed @theessentialcalendar for ideas.  Here's what our customer

Jessica says: "Our calendar hangs on the fridge in our kitchen, the central hub of our home. We LOVE it. I honestly don’t know how I’d survive with 4 children, a husband, a dog and everywhere everyone needs to be without our essential calendar. It has also been great in helping my 6 year get a grasp on weeks, months, and distance between holidays :)."

How do you use it?

Most households  fill add holidays, birthdays, practices and events at the beginning of a quarter and then re-visit it weekly or monthly to update activities.  Each order comes with a QR code link to a how-to guide to get you started. 

Here's what Emily has to say: "I can’t say enough how much I love this calendar! I have a perfect spot to hang the entire year in my kitchen. I love seeing all the extended family birthdays all at once without flipping through months. I actually remembered to call everyone ON THEIR BIRTHDAY this year! I’ve loved being able to plan months in advance at a glance too. I’ll never use another calendar again!"

This calendar looks different from any calendar I’ve ever used, what is it exactly?

The Essential Calendar is a Sunday-Saturday calendar that shows you three months at a time. Families love them because they can seamlessly coordinate their plans over a stretch of several months. This is especially helpful during the holidays and summer months when activities can start to pile up.

Won’t I be overwhelmed looking at 3 months at a time?

Often times when we turn the page of our calendars we’re surprised by how closely activities or events are jammed together or we realize a holiday has snuck up on us. With seasonal planning you add balance to your life by making decisions with a bigger perspective in mind.

My friend says this calendar changed her life.  How can a simple thing like a calendar help me and my family?

Every family has a unique story about how The Essential Calendar rocks their world but most families report increased organization, communication, and more memories together.  When you give yourself the gift of seasonal calendaring you give yourself dedicated space to intentionally plan your family life.

Families can plan fun outings and service projects around work, school, and sports.  When you look at 12 weeks of your life at a time you start to notice patterns, what’s missing, and what’s overabundant.

I'm a designer, can I get a soft copy under a commercial-use license?

Yes!  We offer single-use and limited-use licensing options. Designers love how easy it is to brand our calendar for their clients.  Email us at for licensing fees.