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I like the calendar on my phone

I use the calendar on my phone.  Isn’t this redundant?

When we use a calendar on our phones we experience tunnel vision about how individual activities impact family activities. This instance usually causes conflicts in schedules. My Seasonal Family calendars help merge individual calendars onto the family calendar. In that way, each family member can communicate their conflicting schedules before they become frantic emergencies.

Here's what our customer Brittany has to say about it: "I love being able to see more than one month in a glance. It is also very helpful for others in my house because not everything is written and hidden away on my planner. Every one can see it and know what is going on! Love this calendar."

Where do you put it?

Place it in a highly visible place where all family members can see it and easily update it. Try it in your mudroom, kitchen, or office or anywhere that's easily accessible to your family. Check out our Instagram feed @theessentialcalendar for more ideas. 

Tiffany says: "I did a better job this year finding a place in our home that allows it to help me as much as I knew it could. It works better to have it in an area where my family hangs out together. Everyone in our family looks at it daily and enjoys talking about the activities we have coming up."

How do you use it?

Most households add holidays, birthdays, extracurricular activities, and events at the beginning of the season and then re-visit it weekly or monthly to update it as needed. Each order comes with a how-to guide to get you started. 

Here's what Emily has to say: "I can’t say enough how much I love this calendar! I have a perfect spot to hang the entire year in my kitchen. I love seeing all the extended family birthdays all at once without flipping through months. I actually remembered to call everyone ON THEIR BIRTHDAY this year! I’ve loved being able to plan months in advance at a glance too. I’ll never use another calendar again!"

This calendar looks overwhelming

I keep seeing you make posts about your calendar but it looks different from any calendar I’ve ever used, what is it exactly?

We're so glad you asked! Our calendars are uniquely designed. Instead of a 4 or 5 weekly layout, you will see a quarterly set-up with a 12-Week timeline, still with Sun-Sat format. If you look closely, you can see each new month noted in the upper righthand corner on the first day of the month. While it takes a bit of getting used to, the families who tried our calendars love it as it helps them coordinate their plans over a stretch of time seamlessly. This is especially helpful during the holidays and summer when activities can start to pile up.

I really love turning the pages of my calendar each month.  Won’t I be overwhelmed looking at 3 months at a time?

Learning The Essential Calendar can take time. But, once you get the hang of it, it will be a lot easier to navigate and plan. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the activities and events being jammed together, planning quarterly lets you run your events steadily because you can see activities in context and have more flexibility. The Essential Calendar allows you to see a bigger perspective that will help you prepare, plan, execute and accomplish your goals.

My brother says his kids absolutely LOVE your calendar.  Why is that?

Yes! Our calendar is kid-friendly! Parents who use our calendar enjoy adding their family events, and activities with their kids. It creates a special bonding moment and it also encourages kids to learn the importance of planning and family time. Kids get to plot their birthdays, school recitals, halloween events and they can do their own color coding too!

My kids say we never do anything fun. Can your calendar help with that?

Yes! The Essential Calendar is a perfect tool to plan fun activities with the kids. With the quarterly format, you can start planning that Disney trip ahead of time, or prepare to throw in a cool costume for your little ones in time for the halloween trick or treating. Kids love the outdoors? Sure! You and your kids can pick a date for a camping trip. With our Quarterly Calendar setup, you can easily remind your kids on what's up in the coming days or weeks ahead. Revisit the other months when you had your past activities and travels and reminisce on how fun the experience was. Planning your quarterly calendar together as a family is the sweetest thing!

My husband says I don’t communicate well with him and I’m always putting the kids first.  Can your calendar help with that?  

Family life can be a tricky thing to wrap your brain around. It’s this vague idea that we all want to be good at but we don’t really know how to manage. Setting aside a neutral place to “plan” your family life can be empowering for all family members. When a spouse notices the lack of dates, you can gently suggest they plan an activity for the two of you and add it to the calendar. When a child asks for more playtime and you see his weeks have been full of practices and lessons, you ask who he’d like to play with, send a text and pencil it in. A lot of times one parent will take on the burden of planning family life and all requests and critiques become the responsibility of that parent.  With My Family Calendar each family member has a say and helps co-create family life, relieving one person of the burden. And the calendar never complains about holding space for the family to interact together.

My friend says this calendar changed her life.  How can a simple thing like a calendar help me and my family?

Every family has a unique style in managing calendars and not many families are big in communicating. The Essential Calendar not only gives you a view of your entire quarter but it also increases communication within family members.

The more time alloted in the calendar for family activities, schools, and holidays, the family will start developing the patterns of checking the calendars, what's coming up in the next days or weeks, and when an event or activity needs to be adjusted. When you give yourself the gift of a calendar you give yourself a dedicated space to intentionally plan your family life.

Is this for big families?  We have 2 kids and I’m not sure we need this.

Yes! The Essential Calendar is also perfect for big families! In fact, our designer, Crystal, designed the calendar for her family of four when her two boys were little and it has done amazing things for her and her family. We find that anyone who wants to be intentional about the way they spend time together as a family finds our calendar to be a great tool.

I'm a designer, can I get a soft copy under a commercial-use license?

Yes!  We offer single-use and limited-use licensing options. Designers love how easy it is to brand our calendar for their clients.  Email us at for licensing fees.