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Our Story

We created The Essential Calendar to help you keep things together and make fun memories with your family.  Here's how it came about...

Crystal, an Interior Designer and mom of two, was faced with a particularly daunting summer.  She decided to make a simple & beautiful calendar to give some structure and sanity to the long summer days ahead.

At the end of August she mentioned to Lindsay how smooth and memorable the summer was, and what an effective tool this simple calendar turned out to be. Thrilled with how effective the calendar was, Crystal created a holiday calendar to stay organized from Halloween to New Years and passed a copy on to Lindsay. She used it and loved it. 

After a really rough year, Lindsay realized how essential the calendar had been in helping her family keep making memories together despite their struggles. With a degree in Marriage & Family, she was surprised at how much this simple sheet of paper helped her keep life together and keep moving forward.

As Crystal began sharing the Summer and Holiday calendar with friends and family everyone began clamoring for year-round calendars.

Shortly thereafter we started brainstorming different ways to get the calendar into the hands of more moms to help them keep track of the myriad details of their lives and create memories with their families.  With our website, FB, IG and newsletter, we seek to share the calendar with more moms every day. We'd love to hear how we can help you!

We believe it's important to care for families and the environment so we print on lightweight paper, encourage recycling and donate to families in need because we can all use some extra support to keep life together.

We hope you'll let The Essential Calendar empower you to create lasting memories with your family!

Happy Planning,

Crystal + Lindsay