Our Story

It all began when...

Crystal, an Interior Designer and mom of two, was faced with a particularly daunting summer.  She decided to make a simple & beautiful calendar to give some structure and sanity to the long summer days.  At the end of the summer she mentioned to her friend Lindsay that she was thrilled with how effective the calendar was.  That fall Crystal created a holiday calendar to stay organized from Halloween to New Years and shared it with friends and family.  After using the summer and holiday calendars for a few years, people were whole-heartedly converted to seasonal planning and began clamoring for year-round calendars. 

Recognizing a great planning tool when she sees one, Lindsay, a yogi, mom of one and family scientist, began suggesting different ways to help families use the calendar to build family culture and enjoy recreation together.  Eventually a partnership was created and The Essential Calendar was born to help individuals and families fill their lives with the most important things. 

Since we believe it's important for successful businesses to offer support to communities, 10% of all profit supports families in crisis or tragedy who need some extra support to keep life together.

We hope you'll use The Essential Calendar to create an organized and meaningful life!

Happy Planning,

Crystal + Lindsay