2023 calendars coming soon!

Our Story

We created The Essential Calendar to help families stay organized and connected amid the bustle of family life. 

Several years ago Crystal faced a particularly daunting summer with her two children. Needing a way to visual how the summer months were going to progress, she decided to make a simple & beautiful calendar spanning Memorial Day to Labor Day, giving some structure and sanity to the long days ahead. 

Crystal mentioned to Lindsay how smooth and memorable the summer was, and what an effective tool this simple calendar turned out to be. Later that year, she created a holiday calendar to stay organized from Halloween to New Years and passed on a copy to Lindsay, who used it and loved it. 

After a really rough year, Lindsay realized how essential the calendar had been in helping her family keep making memories together despite their struggles. She was surprised at how much this simple sheet of paper helped her keep life together and keep moving forward.

After using the Summer and Holiday calendars, we quickly realized how useful it is to plan 3-months at a time, and we both craved the benefits of planning this way all year long, which lead to the creation of the Annual Calendar. 

The Essential Calendar is a simple and effective way for families to keep track of the myriad details of their lives and create memories. We believe it's important to care for families and the environment so we print on lightweight paper, encourage recycling, and donate to families in need because we can all use some extra support to keep life together.

Calendaring this way is beautiful and effective, and we hope you'll give it a try! 

Happy Planning,

Crystal + Lindsay