End of Summer Yay or Nay?

End of Summer Yay or Nay?

Summer, with its seemingly endless sunshine and playtime is coming to an end. While some eagerly anticipate the arrival of fall, others feel a sense of sadness as they bid farewell to this sunny season. For many of us, it’s a mix of both. What contributes to the excitement and reluctance that accompany the end of summer?

Routine and Structure: Do you thrive on structure and routine? Summer break, while wonderful in its own ways, often disrupts established schedules, leading to a temporary deviation from the norm. Summer break has a rhythm all its own and all that fun can feel kind of chaotic at times!  As fall approaches, many parents and children look forward to the return of school and work routines, which provide a sense of stability and familiarity.

A New Season of Growth: Summer’s end naturally gives way to the  beginning of a new academic year, work season, or period of personal growth. You may be looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for a child who is eagerly anticipating the new school year. If you are a busy parent, sending children back to school allows you a different level of focus at work or more time for projects you’ve been wanting to get to. It can also bring a sense of loneliness as full, rambunctious homes empty for hours on end each day.

Seasonal Changes and Outdoor Activities: Who doesn’t love sitting poolside?  While summer offers an abundance of outdoor activities and warm weather adventures, the transition to fall introduces a different set of opportunities. Families who eagerly await the end of summer may be anticipating the beauty of fall foliage, cozy evenings by the fire, and engaging in activities unique to the season, such as apple picking, hayrides, and pumpkin carving.

Weather Preferences: Not all families are enamored with the scorching heat that often accompanies summer. For those who find the season uncomfortably warm or humid, bidding farewell to summer is a welcome relief. They look forward to milder temperatures, crisp autumn air, and the chance to enjoy life without the discomfort of excessive heat.

Summer Nostalgia and Fond Memories: Families who feel sadness as summer ends may have cherished memories and traditions associated with the season. From family vacations to lazy beach days and backyard barbecues, summer often represents a time of relaxation, connection, and special moments. Saying goodbye to these experiences can evoke a sense of longing and wistfulness. It’s one of the reasons many of us gently fold up our summer break calendars at the end of the season, tucking them away so we can remember all the fun we shared with our loved ones.

Sometimes it can be tricky to navigate all the emotions that roll in with the end of summer. As we remind ourselves of the natural ebb and flow that comes with changing seasons we can recognize that summer will come again and there is unique joy to be found in all seasons. To keep track of the joyful events in your house this fall, be sure to check out our Busiest Time Ever Calendar which will take you through back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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