Family Circle Up: What Questions to Ask

Family Circle Up: What Questions to Ask

Family circle up: what questions to ask

When we have a family circle-up we like to ask a question or two. If any of these questions are helpful, feel free to use them!

Question: What do we have on the calendar this week?

It's helpful to take a bird's eye view of the week so that scheduling conflicts can be resolved before they become emergencies.


Question: What do we need to plan out now in order for this week to go smoothly?

Taking just a few minutes to orchestrate details such as what Alex needs to pack for her upcoming school trip, or are all the pieces of Joey's uniform clean for his upcoming game, can help the week go smoothly.


Question: What kind of support does everyone need this week?

Sometimes we wait until we're hyper-stressed before we ask for help and ask for what we need.  The family circle up is usually a fairly neutral time so it’s a great opportunity to plan ahead and support family members who have a stressful week ahead!

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