Introducing our Quarterly Calendar Club

Introducing our Quarterly Calendar Club

To make your life easier, we've created a Quarterly Calendar club. Gone are the days when you get to the end of your calendar sheet and sigh in frustration because you forgot to order.

Sign up for our Quarterly Calendar Club and a new calendar will arrive on your doorstep a few weeks before your current sheet runs out. Never get behind on planning again!

The quarterly calendar club is for you if you:

  • you love working with one three-month sheet at a time.
  • are ordering for the first time (or the 12th time).
  • appreciate customer loyalty discounts (who doesn't!?)
  • want an easy way to stay organized.
  • don't want to worry about re-ordering.

Quarterly calendar club members will get special perks too! This month we're offering a free pen when you sign up!

Each quarter you'll get an email before your order ships so you can make changes and you can cancel anytime.

Let us take the hassle of ordering off your to-do list, sign up for our Quarterly Calendar Club today!

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