Three Things to Think About When you Hang Your Calendar

By Lindsay Miller

We’ve recently introduced a new hanging option (with a few more to follow!) and because we geek out about calendars and organization, we decided to share our thought process with you. If it doesn’t bore you to tears, maybe it will give you some insights on why the location of your calendar makes all the difference!

Visibility - Way back when Crystal first created the calendar, we realized that it’s power came in it’s visibility. Being 18x24 inches it’s already highly visible and when you add the tape (which will be back in stock VERY soon) and other accessories you can see the calendar with clarity. The visibility allows you to quickly glance over and see if the family has plans on a given night or which day the soccer game is this week. Instead of diving into your digital calendar and getting lost in the rabbit hole of your phone, you can just glance at the wall and answer when your husband asks if the family can go for a hike on Friday.

Traffic - In addition to being highly visible, it’s important for the calendar to occupy a high-traffic space in your home. It doesn’t do you any good to have a highly visible calendar in a room no one visits. The calendar needs to be front and center so that in the 27 times your family passes it each day, they might glance at it 1-2. We know that expecting everyone to get invested in managing the schedule can be unrealistic (but some families have this down, high five!). However, we have known young kids and teens to walk by the calendar and exclaim “Oh, I didn’t know we were going to a play on Thursday!” If it’s the younger child speaking, this is usually said with a tone of elation. If it’s a teen, it might be said with dread. Either way, good for you for planning a family activity. The point is the more times people walk past it, the higher the chance they’ll look at it.

Helpfulness - Where will the calendar serve you best? A lot of moms find that the kitchen is the space where they hang the calendar. It’s designed to be beautiful so that you don’t have to tuck it behind a cupboard door or feel embarrassed that it clashes with your cute interior. The simple aesthetic of the calendar allows you to hang it in the place that is the most helpful to you. Because let’s be honest, you’re doing the lion’s share when it comes to managing the family schedule so you’re the one whose needs should be prioritized here.

While we may be the only two people on the planet who think this much about where calendars should be hung, we hope this little foray into calendar-strategy has been useful to you. We currently sell two hanging options: a magnetic frame and magnetic tacks. We’ll be launching a few more accessory products this month so stay tuned for another post where we share even more particular details about calendars. In the meantime, we’d love to hear where you hang your calendar!  

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