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The Essential Calendar

Brass Grommet & Hook Accessory Bundle

Brass Grommet & Hook Accessory Bundle

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This starter bundle is the perfect option if you're new to our calendaring system. You'll receive everything you need to hit the ground running: brass grommets and hooks to display your calendar, a 10-pack of colored washi tape, circle sticky notes, a sticker sheet, and an erasable gel pen with clip. 

The accessory bundle does NOT include a calendar, so be sure to add a calendar to your order! It will be grommeted in-house and will be ready to hang out of the box.

BRASS GROMMETS & HOOKS: A match made in heaven. The grommets slide easily over the hooks, making it a breeze to move the calendar to a table for seasonal planning sessions. The brass grommets are a great way to bind multiple calendar pages together, and allow you to flip through the pages with ease. Minimal, utilitarian, AND beautiful.  The grommets will come attached to the calendar of your choice. Be sure to add a calendar to the cart when you order. See our current calendar selection here.

10-pack COLORED WASHI TAPE: Use our colorful washi tape to make your calendaring experience even better! Each roll is 4mm x 9m. It's perfect for blocking out dates, highlighting events, and featuring special days. You will receive a pack of 10 rolls of tape in a rainbow of colors.

CIRCLE STICKY NOTES: The perfect way to add some fun to your calendar! They are ideal for highlighting important events, and activities that you want on your calendar but may be rescheduled. We love to have the family jot down bucket list ideas, and then we can place them on the calendar on a day that works well. They are reposition -able and removable, so no stress if your schedule changes! Includes 6 circle sticky note pads, 25 sticky notes each. Circles are 1" round. 

STICKER SHEET: These stickers are perfect for adding a bit of fun and color to your calendar. Use them to mark holidays or to add emphasis to anything you want to celebrate! Each sticker is sized to fit within The Essential Calendar squares.

ERASABLE GEL PEN & PEN CLIP: We cannot stop using this gel pen. It writes so smoothly and erases incredibly well without any messy eraser debris. It's retractable, so you won't have to worry about losing a pen lid, and the metal pen clip keeps the pen securely attached to the calendar so no more scrounging around for a pen when you need it. 

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