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Colored Washi Tape

Colored Washi Tape

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Our Washi Tape was custom made for our calendar squares in mind. Designed for versatility, this tape is a game-changer for blocking out dates, highlighting events, and bringing attention to those special days.

✨ Why You'll Love It:

Fun Color Combinations: Our color combinations to add a fresh twist to your schedule. Elevate your color coordinating game with either 5 or 10 colors to keep your schedules organized and on track.

Family-Friendly Coordination: Assign a unique color to each family member, creating an intuitive system that your kids will love. Watch as they learn to associate their color with their schedule, fostering independence and organization.

Event Coordination Mastery: Easily distinguish events and activities by assigning specific colors. Whether it's extracurriculars, school events, appointments, birthdays, or holidays, this tape keeps everyone on the same page.

Perfectly Sized: The custom width of this tape provides ample space for using our erasable pen to add intricate details to any event. Write in game times, locations, or additional notes directly on the tape for a clean and organized look.

Dimensions: 4mm x 9m


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