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The Essential Calendar

Dot Stickers

Dot Stickers

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Step into a new era of calendar organization with our small, transparent dot stickers—a dynamic addition that makes your schedule not only organized but also extremely readable.

✨ Ideas for Use:

  • Track family goals 
  • Highlight paydays
  • Mark recurring appointments
  • Distinguish between hot lunch and cold lunch days for the kids
  • Highlight which day each kid has soccer practice
  • Set personal reminders or goals
  • Empower your kids to track their own goals, from daily reading and bedtime routines to conquering chores.

These open-ended, minimal, and functional dot stickers offer a ton of organization in a small package! 

Each sticker is 8mm wide, sticker roll is 2m long. 925 dots per roll, 185 dots in each color.

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