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One of the questions we frequently got when we started The Essential Calendar was “I love this but where to do I hang it?” You may have caught our other post about 3 things to consider when hanging the calendar. We used to share that info and invite people to choose their own adventure.

It was paper after all so it could be hung with tape, tacks, frames, magnets, anything really! It took us a bit (we were very new entrepreneurs at the time) but eventually we realized that they weren’t asking how to hang it as much as they were asking how to hang it and have it still look nice.

Ahh…that’s a totally different question. Well this is where it comes in really handy to have one of your owners (Crystal) work as an interior designer in a previous life. Once we realized that people wanted classy ways to hang the calendar we put Crystal on the job and, as usual, she performed beautifully. 

Sidenote: while I love beautiful things and fancy myself relatively good at creating cute spaces, I am always amazed at the truly classy and sophisticated accessories Crystal curates. This lady has an eye for what looks good!

So Crystal set out to find accessories that would complement any interior and maintain the simple look and feel of the calendar. We’re so excited about what she came up with!

Binding + Hanging Loop: New this year is our limited edition bound option. We wanted to create a fully integrated hanging solution so the summer calendar comes with a gold coil binding and a hanging loop. You can use one of our tacks to hang it or use a command strip or nail. The integrated hanging option is our full-service solution!

Teak Magnetic Frame: By far our most popular hanging option. It can hold all four sheets of the calendar firmly and will look great in any interior. It can be used with or without the bottom section depending on whether you want to be able to flip to the upcoming pages. With the (new) braided leather hanging strap it’s stronger than ever and ready to hold all your family’s plans!

Grommets: This is one we introduced a few years ago. At the time we stopped carrying it because we didn’t have a great way to hang it without using two nails or two command strips. Command strips are great but we don’t sell those and we wanted an out of the box solution for you. Which is why we were so excited about….

L-shaped tacks. I wish you could’ve heard Crystal when she found these. She was rummaging around a website looking for some specific tacks and these crossed her screen. When she realized they could hold the calendar by itself, hold a grommeted calendar and hold our tape, we made an order as fast as we could.

Magnetic tacks. These are our lowest-profile accessory (unless you use them like I did where you put the entire tack in the calendar and wonder why it looks so funny…oops). Easy to use and simple to hang anywhere in the house, they’re strong and versatile.

Good old fashioned tape. We sell washi tape which is a playful way to hang one sheet of the lightweight calendar, especially if you place several colorful pieces of tape diagonally over each corner. You can also use masking tape or any tape you have on hand.

Magnets. If you have a fridge that is magnetic, the calendar can go there, although we can’t be held responsible for any sticky jam fingerprint stains that your calendar incurs as a result.

Regular tacks. If you have a corkboard, your everyday pins are a great solution. Although we really love the look of the brass tacks so if you feel like splurging they’ll make your calendar life feel very chic.

I said we’d share 7ish ways because you may have noticed a few repeats. If you want to use your own magnets and tacks, we’re all for it. But if you’re like those first calendar customers and are looking for something stylish and functional, give yourself permission to spend a few extra dollars for one of the accessories Crystal found. You won’t regret it!

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